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Located in the heart of Pioneer Square, Bisato is a purveyor of fine Italian dining from the esteemed Chef Scott Carsberg.

Photos by Scott Ekland


Bisato opened in the summer of 2019 and is located in Pioneer Square. Since then, James Beard winner Chef Carsberg has been serving both quality interpretations of classic dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of food.

Pacific Tavern's interior, designed by the award-winning Hayden Collective, reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to Brooklyn's storied past. The multi-level restaurant offers the choice to observe passers-by in the glass-encased Cascade Bar on the 2nd floor, or watch the art of cooking as it occurs in the open-kitchen dining room.


“The idea that cooking is a craft appeals to my passion and instinct” -Scott Carsberg

“There are no limits or borders in cooking, only the constant pursuit of simple perfection. I use only the best ingredients, with two to three elements on each plate, in a combination that highlights flavors and accents seasonality.

In my kitchen, the best of the carrot stays as a carrot. Condiments are applied to a dish as an accompaniment, not to over power. This is the essence of Italian influence in my cooking.”

Mission Statement

1. We are heirs to a tradition of excellence.
2. We are renewed by creativity.
3. We are authentic but with a modern eye.
4. We have taste for the honest and classic
5. We have patience and skill for the true development of cooking.

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  84 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104

Call (347) 624 - 1111 from 5a-11p daily, or book online with OpenTable.

Reservations required for parties of 4 or more.