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Story of Bisato Italian Restaurant at Traveler’s Hotel, Pioneer Square

Scott Carsberg, a James Beard Award-winning chef, and Sam Takahashi, business partner, were looking for the new Bisato restaurant space in the summer of 2017.  They found just the right space, a former Italian restaurant site, in Pioneer Square. The two men share an operational philosophy that quality is the No. 1 priority. Their philosophy is best expressed as “food without borders, service without walls, organic growth toward the next generation, and commitment to our community.”

Scott’s long culinary journey of more than 40 years includes keeping a Michelin Star at Hotel Vila Motzart in Italy and elsewhere including 18 points in the Gault & Millau guide. A trip to Japan inspired him to open his own restaurant, after earlier opening of Lampreia and Bisato in Belltown, Seattle, which served local and international guests for over twenty years. 

On February 2, 2019, Bisato came back to the Seattle restaurant scene in Pioneer Square under a new concept through the partnership of Scott, Sam, Michael Don Rico and Katsuko Takahashi. 

Our goal is to create a true dining experience to be remembered.

The Bisato staff awaits  your visit. “Come dressed as you are.”


“The idea that cooking is a craft appeals to my passion and instinct” -Scott Carsberg

“There are no limits or borders in cooking, only the constant pursuit of simple perfection. I use only the best ingredients, with two to three elements on each plate, in a combination that highlights flavors and accents seasonality.

In my kitchen, the best of the carrot stays as a carrot. Condiments are applied to a dish as an accompaniment, not to over power. This is the essence of Italian influence in my cooking.”

Our Mission

We are heirs to a tradition of excellence.

We are renewed by creativity.

We are authentic but with a modern eye.

We have taste for the honest and classic

We have patience and skill for the true development of cooking.

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 Scott Carsberg

Raised in West Seattle. Worked in restaurants internationally in New York, Atlanta, Munich, Merano, Italy, Michelin star restaurant, Villa Mozart. 2006 Best Chef, Northwest James Beard Award, 50 best emerging Italian restaurants in the world award by Restaurant Magazine. Owner chef of Lampreia and Bisato. 

Michael Don Rico

Opening Manager of El Gaucho Seattle in 1996, Managing Partner Branzino Restaurant, General Manager of Sushi Kashiba.    

Sam & Katsuko Takahashi

Restaurant owner and advisory since 1982, at Kamon of Kobe, The Bento Box, Schwartz Brothers Chandlers Crab House in Yokohama and Tokyo Bay, Japan, Nikko Restaurant in Westin Hotel, and others. Sam is currently a silent partner of Sushi Kashiba at Pike Place Market. 


Private Functions Available.


  84 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104

Telephone (206) 624 - 1111

Hours Operations: Monday - Saturday. 5:00 - 10:00pm.

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